Red Partridge and Rabbit Hunting (Hunting in hand)

Cinegética Albacetense offers you the possibility of Red Partridge Shooting in a truly paradisiacal setting in the heart of Castilla-La Mancha … in Santa Marta (Albacete).

The Dehesa, with Mount Strips without differences in height, helped by Reforestation of Junipers and Low Chaparros, build the ideal Habitat for our Cinegetic Species, and at the same time so that the Group of Hunters can be visualized during the whole Hunting Day.

The Incessant Work of the Dogs in these lands, will make a Binomial between the Hunter and the dog giving rise to that Show of Band of Partridges that they will raise with a Vigorous Flight, to give the occasion to “Dump” some of them.

With the Years of Experience in these avatars, we have achieved a Maximum Purity Pattern in our Red Partridges and Rabbits, obtaining a very high population status in each of the Six Lots available in the land, to achieve truly extraordinary results.

We usually recommend that they be Hands of 4 to 6 Hunters, so when we receive a Group of 10 or more Shotguns, we study the possibility of making Two Gangs or make berths with three or four Hunters in the form of Crochet taking all the precautions so that the Journey is a success.

The Hunters at all times are accompanied by an experienced Secretary / Guide, who will be the person in charge of leading the Group through the “Cazaderos” and of helping our Clients in all that is necessary, as well as Porting the Downcast Hunt, giving drink to the Dogs, or pose strategies on the fly, …

We propose Quality and Quantity in an incomparable framework within your reach.

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