Rabbit Hunting

Undoubtedly we could say that we are in a Territory called “The Cradle of the Rabbit”.

And it is that La Finca de Santa Marta has extraordinary conditions for the breeding of this small rodent.

In Summer time and for a month, we make available the “Cazaderos” for those Clients that like to practice the Hunting Mode of the Rabbit in Hand.

Their periods include from July 18 to 31 WITHOUT DOG and from August 1 to 14 WITH DOG.

In this micro-season it is a matter of bringing down the largest number of rabbits, since we must avoid as far as possible, the proliferation and its agricultural consequences.

The hunter in this case, apart from practicing a very traditional mode, is the “tool” necessary to keep at bay the diseases that could derive, or in his case the populations in the form of plague as we have said before.

The prelude to the General Season is served with this season.

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