Pigeon and Turtledove Hunting Season (Media Veda)

In the month of May, the first small turtledoves begin to visit us and thus begin their Nuptial Courtship, looking for the appropriate habitat and climate to take their Prole forward, a prelude to the good weather that has already arrived.

We can assure that the wood pigeons do not abandon us in all year, having an increase of these in the Half-Veda Season. In winter they also offer us some Tiradas if the time of the Bellota has been generous.

Legumes and cereals are an essential diet for these two emblematic birds of our Manchega Steppe, and that’s where La Finca de Santa Marta (Albacete) harbors these conditions so that a Pigeon Hunt in the “Media-Veda” Season has a glimpse of being a Great Chuck

Very Selected Posts and in a very natural environment, are those that we offer from Cinegetics Albacete, so that The Hunters take out their skills, in some really difficult Shots.

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