Partridge “Ojeos”

We currently have 3,000 hectares in Santa Marta (Albacete), in an extraordinary environment where you can perform this Traditional Mode.

A Team of Professionals composed of the Nursery, Secretaries, Scouts and Chargers are responsible for making each “Ojeo” unique so that the Hunter can enjoy every moment and every shooting.

Very Brave Partridge Bars entering the Stalls, will make the Hunter is used thoroughly to Pick up as many Partridges as possible.

The Line of Positions usually oscillates between 4 and 12 Hunters and the normal thing is to realize of 4 to 5 “Ojeos” per Day, depending on the number of Partridges that previously wish to overthrow the Hunters.

At the end of each Ojeo, we have a large group of Perreros responsible for collecting those Partridges that are more complicated to recover.

A good “Taco Campero” Lunch with the Typical Recipes of this Land, will replenish our Clients’ strengths to face a very special day and once the hunt is over we will offer you a meal in the premises of this unique land.

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