Hunting with Birdcall

Tradition, Culture, Ethics and certain Bohemian Dyes are the predominant notes of this Art of Hunting So Ancestral Hunting with Birdcall.

From Cinegética Albacetense we prepare the Lots we offer for this practice, trying that the Zeal of “The Warrior Males” is at its peak, although sometimes we depend on what Mother Nature wants to do.

El Puesto, La Plaza, El Tanto, El Pulpitillo, El Cuquillero, El Pajaritero, De Mayor, El Aguilucho,El Coleteo Is Receiving, or Is Slitting … are the Terminologies that will take shape, in a period that maybe this of “La Caza” you live in a dimension bordering on the Passion.

Santa Marta (Albacete), due to its Oreography, has more than optimal qualities so that the Owner can pay homage to their Birds in what will surely be an Unforgettable Hunting with Birdcall Day.

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