Cinegética Albacetense

Organization of Red Partridge and Rabbit Hunts

Cinegética Albacetense

Organization of Red Partridge and Rabbit Hunts

Opinions of our clients

After the hunting season, I wanted to address you as head of “Cinegética Albacetense” to thank you and extend them to all your great team.
In a difficult season personally I needed to convey my enormous gratitude for the excellent treatment that you have given me on all occasions when I have been able to go to Tasoneras.
This wonderful estate, its wild partridges and your attention have undoubtedly been an oxygen ball for me and my braco. We have walked and run behind the redheads who have made us sweat and enjoy, we have shared the “taco” and the farm table with great friends, and the most important thing is that we have felt part of Tasoneras.
Thank you for your hunting work on the farm and thank you for your work in the personal treatment that you dispense to all of us who are lucky enough to enjoy your preserve and its partridges.
There is less left for next season, there is less left to return to Tasoneras.

Raúl (Castellón)

Good to tell you about Tasoneras … I’ve been hunting in Castilla-La Mancha for many years and the truth is that this Finca has all the requirements for a Hunter to enjoy, Spectacular Terrain, Very Brave Partridges and a Rabbit that from the beginning to the end of the season It makes you enjoy. In general terms a KINEGETIC PARADISE !!
Not to mention the human and professional management both in hunting and accommodation and meals, in a house with all the comforts and special attention.
That said, a Paradise that I recommend to every hunter who visits it.
Thank you very much to Mayte and Alejandro for these pleasant hunting days, with your seriousness and professionalism.

Toni (Tarragona)

Finished the 2020 season and after wandering for more than 25 years through various farms in Castilla la Mancha it is fair to show my satisfaction of having given this year with “Cinegética Albacetense”. A magnificent Finca for the practice of any type of small game (eye, stick kills, claim etc) in my case the Hunting with Claim.
I got to know Albagetia Cinegetica through social networks and then through some friends who had been and their experience was impressive. I decided to go with them and check it out personally, and so it was. I could enjoy a day of hunting for those who do not forget, it is true that my claims had to be used thoroughly to attract the Champions which says a lot about the quality of the partridge that is available in the Coto. A few birds challenging and with an impressive bravery. That and the human treatment received by the company was and will be a reason to return in successive seasons and enjoy nature and its people. Greetings

Paco Lopez (Lorca)

Siamo un gruppo di cacciatori Italiani che da oltre 15 anni cacciano più volte all’anno con Alejandro e sempre siamo rimasti molto soddisfatti per l’organizzazione della caccia e della grande competenza sua e del suo staff. Aspettiamo con ansia questo terzo anno che cacceremo in Tasoneras che sarà sicuramente ricco di emozioni con la tanta selvaggina “vera” (e non di allevamento come abbiamo visto in altre riserve spagnole!) che popolano la sua riserva, dai numerosi conigli selvatici che cacciamo con i furetti alle meravigliose pernici rosse che cacciamo in Ojeo, ai colombacci ecc.
Oltre alla caccia, la grande simpatia ed ospitalità di tutto il personale della casa di caccia, Alejandro, la chef Mayte con il suo staff, il guardiacaccia Cesar e tutti gli amici e ciò non fà altro che rinsaldare un durevole rapporto d’amicizia reciproca. A presto!

Andrea Scotti (Bergamo / Milán – Italia)

After two seasons hunting in Tasoneras, I conclude that there must be different Cotos but never better.
There is a compendium of circumstances that make every day of hunting with my Group really exciting. The Farm Oreography is a privilege that allows you to see your Hunting Dog, as well as the Companions so as not to break “the Wing”.
The Partridges are surprised by their bravery and high density, and as for Rabbits their population is impressive.
It also has facilities fully adapted to the demands of any Hunter and for our Dogs has a Kennels with a very large space and very well equipped.
Everything mentioned together with the humane treatment we receive from Cinegetica Albacetense and its Team, make this Game Reserve our House !!!

Jordi (Castellón)

Merci mon ami Alejandro pour l’organisation sans faille de nos belles journées de chasse. Le dépaysement au milieu des superbes paysages de “La Mancha” nous pousse chaque année à revenir plus souvent. Les bons moments de fraternité passés autour de la table, d’un bon verre et d’un bon cigare sont aussi importants que l’immense richesse cynégétique des terres de Tasoneras.
Merci pour tout.


Gilbert Labrune (Narbonne)

These days with Cinegética Albacetense are those who are never forgotten. Thank you for treating us so well and having so much attention with everyone. Thank you! A kiss for Mayte.


Today we have had a great day of hunting with reclamation. The partridges were very bright and it’s been a great time. So it’s nice.


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